The Miscreants are a small gang of mutant teenagers who have gathered together in order to have each other's backs. They have engaged in several small-time criminal events, holding up liquor stores, muggings, and similar capers.

History Edit

The Miscreants are only a very recently created group. They were introduced in Vol. 4 Holidazed as a small time threat against a charity ball being thrown for PCOY. They were handling defeated and arrested for the attack, though Windshear's attack against them ended up forcing them to be released.

Currently, the Burning Man is being held in Striped Eagle's prison cell in her secret base.

Territory Edit

The Miscreants have claimed a small section of the Protean City Sewers in the B.A.S.H. specifically under 4th and Elm Street. There they have built a small shanty town which they live in and plan out of. As a holiday gift, Hermosa Vida grew plants and vines through the area to beautify the space.

Hierarchy Edit

The Miscreants have only the vaguest of hierarchies. Technically they are all meant to be equals, but the Verminister of Fear has slumped into a position of authority simply because somebody needs to be making decisions.

Trivia Edit

Fan Content Edit

An additional member of the Miscreants has been created by NeitherNora by the name of Misty. She has appeared in the fan-fiction 'I Am Gonna Make It Through This Year If It Kills Me.'

The Miscreants (specifically Rockatrice and Reggie Mortis) were also featured in 'The Gaps Between Spaces' also by NeitherNora.